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three mounties had fallen., there were some pecu-
liar characters which had been cut into It with
a   knife.    When   an   interpreter   was   called   to
examine it, it was found to be a sentence written
in Cree syllables.    It said:
'Here have died three braves/
Almighty  Voice,  before he was  killed,  had"
crawled out of his hole and carved this tombstone
to his three last victims.    It was a noble tribute
to the courage of the three dead mounted police-

To-day this tree marks the spot where the
North   American   Indian   made   his  last   stand
, against the white man.

Almighty Voice was named by his grandfather
Chief One Arrow. When he was a little boy
Chief One Arrow called him Gitchie-Jbfamto-
Wayo—Almighty Voice—because his voice' was
so loud and deep, sounding, as Chief One Arrow
said, like the voice of the Great Spirit.

Not so long ago I took my adopted mother
Spotted Calf out to the Almighty Voice Bluff, to
let her look at the hole in which her son was
killed. Though she was right on the edge of the
thicket when he was killed and had spent all of
her life just six miles from It, yet she had never in
her life seen that hole before. She said just
before we started:

*I have never wanted to see that hole, but I